Multiple exposures on 35mm film - Not everything seen is real.

The photographs of the series Time Collapsing are multiple exposures on 35 mm film. The key sentence of the work is “Not everything seen is real”. To me, they are a dance between dream and reality. Various points in time collapse within each single negative and evolve into a new pictorial word – some of them smooth and gentle, others seething and tempestuous. Dream worlds burst into existence, seduce us to stay, make us pause for a moment.
With Time Collapsing I wanted to look at the world differently, wanted to show glimpses of what could be. I tried to visualize the secret pictures in our heads, the ones that are not visible yet palpable. I wanted to picture the unconscious mind rising in our dreams. Time and place are drenching into each other, absorbing and distorting our concepts of reality.
The series Time Collapsing is part of a trilogy, all playing with the same topic, but in variation. Regarding Lines Blurring the single exposures take place in different cities/countries. And within Truth Dawning, reality is drenched in unreal colours.

Special Edition
The first 12 photographs of the collection are part of the special edition
Silvergelatine prints on baryta
limited edition of 5 + 2 A.P. - more here

complete series available
archival pigment prints / picture size: 30x40 cm / frame size: 40x50 cm
limited edition of 12 + 3 A.P.
price: € 510 incl. VAT

limited edition of 100 - more here