2013, 2014

I don’t feel that I AM the person. I may be thinking about a certain story or situation, but I don’t become her. There’s this distance. [...] And the one thing I’ve always known is that the camera lies. - Cindy Sherman

Yes, the photographs do show my face. My body. Yet it’s not me. It’s not my laughter and not my fear, not my fight and not my tears. It’s not about my life. re-ve-lation is not about me. The photographs of this series are fragments of a fiction; snapshots, which could be outtakes of a movie; short scenes telling short stories. The pictures not only show “What is happening at the very moment?” but also “What is going to happen next?” In my phantasy I saw the counterparts. Friends and enemies, lovers and strangers. I awaited them, feared and fought them, shared my life with them. Yet I’ve never met them. They are as unreal as I was in the moment of shooting.
For the most part I worked alone. I was the photographer and the model, took care of make-up and costumes. I created film sets and filled them with props. Only in a few cases I asked a member of my family to release the shutter, but I preferred complete privacy, the self-timer. I needed space and time to ban myself - my life, my thoughts, my feelings - for the act of photography in order to give birth to those fictional characters. I had to empty myself to make room for the strange characters. This metamorphosis – the revelation of a new persona and their forging relations to their counterpart – was easier to accomplish in absolute quiet.



edition of 7 (+ 2 A.P.)
silver gelatine prints on baryta
framed, passepartout and anti-glare glass
picture size 28 x 28 cm
frame size 40 x 50

price € 400
dated and signed

Wir werden sehen - group exhibition, Vienna 2013