limited edition of 100, hand-numbered & signed
multiple exposures on 35mm film
all photographs: Christine Miess
self published, 2016, Vienna/Austria
56 pages, 30 pictures
softcover, staple bound
20.9 x 31.3 cm

54 Euro (incl. VAT)

contact: office(at)christinemiess(dot)com

Not everything seen is real

To me, photography is a dance between dream and reality. Photographs offer us a way into unfamiliar dream worlds, they give room for sensation. They enable us to tie in with our childhood, the realm of fantasy and magic, the land of unlimited opportunities, the unreal reality. Playfully and easily. These photographs may delude us, but they also enrich us. They give new room to our thoughts and feelings, let us float weightlessly through fairytale worlds. In my artistic work I keep looking for this unique spell, these faraway realities.

In the series Time Collapsing various points in time collapse within each single negative and evolve into a new pictorial word – some of them smooth and gentle, others seething and tempestuous. Equal to an orchestra. Only together with composition, musical score and conductor the notes, the individual instruments unite to form a new melody, a new and distinct acoustic pattern. Dream worlds burst into existence, seduce us to stay, make us pause for a moment. They invite us to search for our long-lost yearnings, show us new perspectives to make them come true.