Born in 1977, lives and works in Vienna, Austria 

Department of Communication, English & Theatre Studies at Vienna University (Diploma 2004)
fotoK - Course for Artistic Photography, Vienna (Diploma 2015)

Time Collapsing, 2016, Vienna - 56 pages

Lines Blurring, solo exhibition, Ateliertheater, Vienna/Austria, 07 -28 May 2019
Time Collapsing, solo exhibition, Bildraum 01 gallery, Vienna/Austria, 18 September - 12 October 2018
Trilogy. Time Collapsing - Lines Blurring - Truth Dawning - portfolio exhibition, Meduza, Beograd/Serbia, 18-30 August 2017
Urban & Human Empathy by Exhibit Around/Trieste Photo Days 2017 - group exhibitions in Łódź/Poland, Budapest/Hungary and Trieste/Italy, 12 July-30 November 2017
Abstraction - group exhibition, Darkroom Gallery, Vermont/New England/US, 22 June-16 July 2017
A Surreal Vision - group exhibition, LoosenArt, Millepiani, Rome/Italy, 21-30 June 2017
Moments of Color - group exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece, 28 April-11 May 2017
photo::vienna - group exhibition, MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna/Austria, 12-16 October 2016
Handmade III - group exhibition, AnzenbergerGallery, Vienna/Austria, 7 September-31 October 2016
Athens Photo Festival - The Photobook Exhibition, Benaki Museum, Athens/Greece, 9 June-31 July 2016
Manus et Pedibus - group exhibiton, Darkroom Gallery, Vermont/New England/US, 23 June-17 July 2016
Changes - group exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece, 8-20 May 2016
BAR I of the series BAR I - IV - group exhibition, fotok [2] Gallery, Vienna/Austria, 2-24 October 2015
Licht_Pause - group exhibition, fotok [2] Gallery, Vienna/Austria 24-31 January 2015
Waschmittel, Zahnpasta, Werkzeug - group exhibition, fotok [2] Gallery, Vienna /Austria, 15 February-1 March 2014
Wir Werden Sehen - group exhibition, fotok [2] Gallery, Vienna/Austria, 22 June-6 July 2013

BLACK Fine Art Photography Magazine, All About Photo Magazine, Bleaq Magazine, Art Narratives

MonoVisions Photography Award 2018, honorable mention
International Photographer of the Year 2017, honorable mention
Urban & Human Empathy 2017, best photographer award
FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards 2016/1027, Shortlist
ViennaPhotoBookAward 2016 - 2nd place (Time Collapsing)

Pictures – photographs – are perfect liars. They deceive us, lead us to believe in unreal realities, leave us in the dark. But what is “truth”? What is the essence of reality? Why do we so urgently need to believe in something? I have always been fascinated by this play with reality in photography. Not only because pictures – so silently and easily - influence our thoughts and feelings.  To me, the upmost appeal of photography lies in its ability to take us on mystic journeys.

Photographs offer us a way into unfamiliar dream worlds, they give room for sensation. They enable us to tie in with our childhood, the realm of fantasy and magic, the land of unlimited opportunities, the unreal reality. Playfully and easily. These photographs may delude us, but they also enrich us. They give new room to our thoughts and feelings, let us float weightlessly through fairytale worlds.

In my artistic work I keep looking for this unique spell, these faraway realities. Because to me, photography is a dance between dream and reality. Working analogue enriches my work, as the film builds a truthful basis for the pictorial worlds, the photographs develop their unique character: real, yet unreal; familiar, yet unfamiliar; lived, yet dreamed.e