time collapsing - it's a book!

So happy and still jumping :D It took a year to find the perfect shape. To decide if it's going to be a box or a book. For many months I was sure it will be a box. But now... the first books arrived and I couldn't be happier!
The series time collapsing is so special to me. So important. I started working on this project in 2014 and it's still growing. Maybe this is why I always had the feeling that I have to treat these photographs with the upmost respect. I totally love the edition prints on baryta and I wanted the book be of equal value. I wanted the book to shine, to be able to stand alone and - together with the edition - to become one.
Now I have six books and the next step is finding a sponsor, crowd funding...not sure yet. But I'm aiming for an edition higher than six :D
So...keep your fingers crossed!