"Böse Frauen" (Evil Women) - the Rabtaldirndln at brut Vienna

Within their current show at brut “Böse Frauen” (Evil Women) the Rabtaldirndln focus on inconvenient truths circeling around the daily nursing care routines, targeting the very centre of our concepts of good and evil. “Böse Frauen” is based on a real series of murders committed by the so-called murderous nurses of Lainz, who killed more than 200 patients at the Viennese Lainz Hospital between 1983 and 1989.

Concept & realisation Die Rabtaldirndln and Ed. Hauswirth Direction Ed. Hauswirth Performance Barbara Carli, Rosa Degen-Faschinger, Gudrun Maier Outside Eye Gerda Saiko