"A Difficult Man" (Der Schwierige) at Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna

"A Difficult Man" by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1920)
directed by Janusz Kica
premiere on 6 October 2016 at josefstadt theatre in Vienna - don't miss it!


"A Difficult Man" is light-hearted, comic and thought-provoking. Its central character, the Count Hans Karl Buehl, is "the difficult man," both seeking and running away from love, caught between action and inaction and forever undecided. The play questions the value of words in true expression and the nature of communication in society - the misunderstandings that ensue are a pleasure to behold.

Michael Dangl (Hans Karl Buehl)
Ulli Maier (Crescence, his sister)
Matthias Franz Stein (Stani, her son)
Alma Hasun (Helene Altenwyl)
Michael König (Altenwyl)
Pauline Knof (Antoinette Hechingen)
Roman Schmelzer (Hechingen)
Christian Nickel (Neuhoff)
Alexandra Krismer (Edine, Antoinettes Freundin)
Therese Lohner (Agathe, chamber maid)
Wojo van Brouwer (Neugebauer, secretary)
Alexander Strobele (Lukas, first butler at Hans Karl)
Oliver Rosskopf (Vinzenz, a new butler)
Christian Futterknecht (a renowned person)
Alexander Strobele (Wenzel, butler at Altenwyl)