Previewing my Exhibition TIME COLLAPSING with Andreas H. Bitesnich

I feel lucky and honored. Excited. My first solo exhibition in Vienna. And I had the best man for the opening speech. Thank you so much for doing this for me, Andreas! Opening night was a big success and I’m a little late posting. Story of my life ;-) But still…here we go…
Previewing my exhibition TIME COLLAPSING at Bildraum 01 gallery in Vienna with Andreas H. Bitesnich <3

 Andreas H. Bitesnich and me

Andreas H. Bitesnich and me

exhibition dates: 19 September 2018 - 12 October 2018
Bildraum 01 gallery: Strauchgasse 2, 1010 Vienna
opening hours: Tue-Fr1: 1-6 pm

Exhibition TIME COLLAPSING at Bildraum 01 gallery in Vienna

I’m happy to announce my upcoming solo-exhibition TIME COLLAPSING at Bildraum 01 gallery in Vienna! This exhibition will showcase a selection of my works TIME COLLAPSING, LINES BLURRING & TRUTH DAWNING

>> Opening on Tuesday, 18 September, 7 pm <<
Hope to see you there!

BILDRAUM 01 gallery
Strauchgasse 2
1010 Vienna

exhibition dates: 19 September - 12 October


"Die Reise der Verlorenen" at Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna

Still impressed by this play, I've to admit. One of my favorite plays ever. Definitely a #mustsee - not only a historic but also a highly current topic..

"Die Reise der Verlorenen" by Daniel Kehlmann at Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna.
Directed by: Janusz Kica
PREMIERE: 06.09.2018

Raphael von Bargen, Herbert Föttinger, Nikolaus Barton, Ulrich Reinthaller, Sandra Cervik, Roman Schmelzer, Marcus Bluhm, Maria Köstlinger, Matthias Franz Stein, Therese Lohner, Peter Scholz, Livia Ernst / Leonie Qualtinger, Ilia Hollweg / Lilly Krainz, Katharina Hope Kemp / Lara Nguyen, Marika Lichter, Joseph Lorenz, Gerhard Kasal, Igor Karbus, Paul Matic, Oliver Rosskopf, Michael Dangl, Wojo van Brouwer, Martin Zauner, Ljubiša Lupo Grujčić, Alexander Absenger, Martin Niedermair, Claudius von Stolzmann, Patrick Seletzky, Alexander Strömer, Michael Schönborn, Lukas Spisser, Tamim Fattal

"Lazarus" at Volkstheater in Vienna

Musical by my personal hero David Bowie and Enda Walsh
after the novel The Men Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis
directed by Miloš Lolić
German by Peter Torberg
PREMIERE 09 May 2018 at Volkstheater in Vienna

Look up here, I'm in heaven, I've got scars that can't be seen.


with Gábor Biedermann (Ben), Günter Franzmeier (Newton), Rainer Galke (Michael), Anja Herden (Teenage Girl 3), Evi Kehrstephan (Teenage Girl 2, Maemi), Katharina Klar (Girl), Isabella Knöll (Elli), Kaspar Locher (Zach), Christoph Rothenbuchner (Valentine), Claudia Sabitzer (Japanese Girl), Maria Stippich (Teenage Girl 1), Bernhard Neumaier, Helmut Stippich, Christian Neuschmid, Patrick Zambonin, Andreas Lettner, Manfred Franzmeier, Miki Liebermann, Ryan Thomas Carpenter (musicians)

Diversity Ball 2018 - Your time is now!

5 May 2018 - a night to remember. On this special night over 2.000 people in Vienna celebrated the world as it should be. Colourful and barrier-free! It was a night full of verve and respect for human diversity.
This year's motto was "Your time is now”. The entire Kursalon became a time machine, which guided the guests from the 20ies until now.

"Terror" at Kammerspiele Vienna

"Terror" by Ferdinand von Schirach
directed by Julian Pölsler

Fighter pilot, Major Lara Koch, has shot down a plane that has been hijacked by a terrorist. The plane is heading for a stadium of 70,000 people. Koch’s pragmatic decision – one in which she breaks constitutional law – is to end the lives of 164 people on the plane rather than allow the terrorist to slaughter a far greater number. At the end, the audience must vote: guilty or not guilty.
The cast is exceptional chosen - all characters are placed by women.

Definitely a must see!


Julia Stemberger (judge)
Pauline Knof (Lara Koch, defendant)
Martina Stilp-Scheifinger (Biegler, defence)
Susa Meyer (Neslon, prosecutor)
Alexandra Krismer (Christine Lauterbach)
Silvia Meisterle (Franziska Meiser)
Gioia Osthoff (staff sergeant)

"A Difficult Man" (Der Schwierige) at Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna

"A Difficult Man" by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1920)
directed by Janusz Kica
premiere on 6 October 2016 at josefstadt theatre in Vienna - don't miss it!


"A Difficult Man" is light-hearted, comic and thought-provoking. Its central character, the Count Hans Karl Buehl, is "the difficult man," both seeking and running away from love, caught between action and inaction and forever undecided. The play questions the value of words in true expression and the nature of communication in society - the misunderstandings that ensue are a pleasure to behold.

Michael Dangl (Hans Karl Buehl)
Ulli Maier (Crescence, his sister)
Matthias Franz Stein (Stani, her son)
Alma Hasun (Helene Altenwyl)
Michael König (Altenwyl)
Pauline Knof (Antoinette Hechingen)
Roman Schmelzer (Hechingen)
Christian Nickel (Neuhoff)
Alexandra Krismer (Edine, Antoinettes Freundin)
Therese Lohner (Agathe, chamber maid)
Wojo van Brouwer (Neugebauer, secretary)
Alexander Strobele (Lukas, first butler at Hans Karl)
Oliver Rosskopf (Vinzenz, a new butler)
Christian Futterknecht (a renowned person)
Alexander Strobele (Wenzel, butler at Altenwyl)

"Time Collapsing" at AnzenbergerGallery

Happy to see two of my prints at the current exhibition HANDMADE III at AnzenbergerGallery in Vienna! The exhibition is dedicated to works that combine photography with handcraft or other artistic media.
I'm in wonderful company there - artists: Roger Ballen, Jessa Fairbrother, Sissi Farassat, Katie Kalkstein, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Rita Maas, Christine Miess, Caroline Roberts, Yelena Zhavoronkova, Simone Casetta, Heather A. Wetzel.
More info on my edition Time Collapsing

Exhibition goes from 8 September until 31 October 2016 at AnzenbergerGallery

"Monsieur Claude and his Daughters" at Kammerspiele der Josefstadt

"Monsieur Claude and his Daughters" (Monsieur Claude und seine Töchter)
A conservative French father, Claude Verneuil, with four lovely daughters, is forced to adjust to three sons-in-law of varying ethnic backgrounds: Jewish, Muslim and Chinese. Hope remains with the youngest daughter, who may yet offer them a big church wedding. A wish that comes true, except for the fact that the man she is about to marry is from… the Ivory Coast!

"Monsieur Claude and his Daughters" by Philippe de Chauveron and Guy Laurent
directed by Folke Braband

Premiere on 8 September 2016 at Kammerspiele der Josefstadt

CAST: Siegfried Walther (Claude Verneuil), Susa Meyer (Marie Verneuil), Michaela Kaspar (Isabelle), Silvia Meisterle ( Michelle), Daniela Golpashin (Adèle), Martina Ebm (Laura), Ljubiša Lupo Grujčić (Abderazak Benassem, Ehemann von Isabelle), Martin Niedermair (Abraham Bénichon, Ehemann von Adèle), Vincent Bueno (Chao Ling, Ehemann von Michelle), Peter Marton (Charles Koffi, Verlobter von Laura), Félix Kama (André Koffi), Ida Ouhé-Schmidt (Madeleine Koffi), Markus Kofler (rabbi, priest, Xavier, psychologist, inspector)

Time Collapsing - travelling Europe

It's been an amazing journey so far and I'm so happy and book Time Collapsing is now available at:
Le Plac'Art Photo, Paris
AnzenbergerGallery Bookshop, Vienna
PhotoBookStore, London
Photo Book Corner, Lisbon

more information and pictures here

Self-published in an edition of 100 hand-numbered & signed copies.
Soft cover, staple bound
20.9 x 31.3 cm
56 pages

Zoa Festival 2016 - world music in Lower Austria

Brilliant musicians, cheerful atmosphere and warm, summery weather - this was Zoa Festival on 6 & 7 May at Ardagger Stift in Lower Austria. Six bands brought world music to the "Mostviertel": Insingizi, Naschmarkt, 5/8terl in Ehr´n, Aniada a Noar & Altrioh, BartolomeyBittmann and Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra.