Installation of my exhibition "Lines Blurring" at Ateliertheater in Vienna

So ready for the opening of my exhibition LINES BLURRING at Ateliertheater <3
7 pm at Burggasse 71, 1070 Vienna


I’ll show a selection of my works TIME COLLAPSING, LINES BLURRING and TRUTH DAWNING


"Jacobowsky und der Oberst" (Jacobowsky and the Colonel) at Josefstadt theatre

"Jacobowsky und der Oberst" (Jacobowsky and the Colonel), the last play by Austrian author Franz Werfel, is settled in 1940 Paris. The Polish Jew Jacobowsky and colonel Stjerbinsky team up on a dangerous journey to the Atlantic coast.

Beautifully staged at Josefstadt theatre
directed by Janusz Kica
premiere on 14 March

Johannes Silberschneider (Jacobowsky), Herbert Föttinger (Oberst Tadeusz Boleslav Stjerbinsky), Pauline Knof (Marianne), Matthias Franz Stein (Szabuniewicz), Alexander Absenger (Der tragische Herr), Johannes Seilern (Der Unsterbliche [Membre de l'Académie Française]), Ulli Maier (Madame Bouffier, Wirtin des Hotels "Mon Repos et de la Rose"), Therese Lohner (Ginette, Mariannes Jungfer), Tobias Reinthaller (Salomon, Concierge des Hotels "Mon Repos et de la Rose"), Marianne Nentwich / Ulli Fessl (Die alte Dame aus Arras), Katharina Hope Kemp / Lara Nguyen (Clémentine), Anna Laimanee (Das junge Mädchen), Alma Hasun (Die leichte Person), Patrick Seletzky (Der Chauffeur eines reichen Hauses in Paris), Siegfried Walther (Clairon, Wirt des Cafés "Au père Clairon" in Saint Jean-de-Luz), Michael Schönborn (Der Brigadier der Sûreté von Saint Cyrill), Paul Matic (Der Commissaire Spécial de la Police in Saint Jean-de-Luz), Gerhard Kasal (Ein Oberleutnant der deutschen Armee), Wojo van Brouwer (Ein Tourist der Gestapo), Ulrich Reinthaller (Der Würfelspieler), Claudius von Stolzmann (Der Chef d'Îlot), Oliver Rosskopf (Ein Witwer), Phillip Bauer / Simon Stadler-Lamisch (Kleiner Junge), Tamim Fattal (Kamnitzer)

"Böse Frauen" (Evil Women) - the Rabtaldirndln at brut Vienna

Within their current show at brut “Böse Frauen” (Evil Women) the Rabtaldirndln focus on inconvenient truths circeling around the daily nursing care routines, targeting the very centre of our concepts of good and evil. “Böse Frauen” is based on a real series of murders committed by the so-called murderous nurses of Lainz, who killed more than 200 patients at the Viennese Lainz Hospital between 1983 and 1989.

Concept & realisation Die Rabtaldirndln and Ed. Hauswirth Direction Ed. Hauswirth Performance Barbara Carli, Rosa Degen-Faschinger, Gudrun Maier Outside Eye Gerda Saiko

"Der Raub der Sabinerinnen" at Volx / Margareten

Entertaining and witty - a play about a theatre play being staged causing vast commotion both in the poet’s family and the theatre.
”Der Raub der Sabinerinnen” is staged by Volkstheater Wien at Volx / Margareten.

written by Franz und Paul von Schönthan
directed by Lukas Holzhausen

cast: Michael Abendroth (Prof. Martin Gollwitz), Bettina Ernst (Friederike Gollwitz), Katrin Grumeth (Paula Gollwitz/Marianne Neumeister), David Oberkogler (Dr. Leopold Neumeister/Rosa), Günther Wiederschwinger (Karl Groß/Emil), Doris Weiner (Emanuel Striese/Eleonora Striese)

"Evelyn Ruzicka singing Edith Piaf"

She’s a singer, an actress and a speaker - in 2010, in celebration of Edith Piaf’s 50th anniversary of death, Evelyn Ruzicka produced the album "Evelyn Ruzicka singing Edith Piaf". It was an intimate show at Akzent theatre - with anecdotes from Edith Piaf’s life and her heartbreaking and vigorous chansons - MERCI <3

Evelyn Ruzicka (vocals)
Bela Fischer (piano)
Maria Düchler (accordion)
Franz Heinrich Lirsch (contrabass)
Simon Schellnegger (viola)
Peter Joyce (clarinet)

"Watschenmann" at Volx / Margareten in Vienna

“Watschenmann” by Volkstheater Wien, staged at Volx Margareten

novel by Karin Peschka
directed by Bérénice Hebenstreit

Intense and close, situated in post-war Vienna, Heinrich tries to help people to calm their inner wars. Only Austrians have to pay for hitting him, the “Watschenmann”, everybody else punshes for free.

Definitely a must see! Made my heart break <3

premiere: 31 January 2019

cast: Rainer Galke (Dragan), Katharina Klar (Heinrich), Sebastian Klein (Elmer), Birgit Stöger (Lydia), Hristina Šušak (Musikerin)

"Der Bauer als Millionär" at Theater in der Josefstadt

“Der Bauer als Millionär”, a colorful play about love and the downside of unexpected wealth in a fairytale world - at Josefstadt theatre in Vienna <3

by Ferdinand Raimund
directed by Josef E. Köpplinger

Alexandra Krismer (Lakrimosa, eine mächtige Fee, verbannt auf ihr Wolkenschloss)
Patrick Seletzky (Bustorius, Zauberer aus Warasdin)
Alexander Pschill (Ajaxerle, Lakrimosens Vetter und Magier aus Donau-Eschingen)
Alexander Strömer (Zenobius, Haushofmeister und Vertrauter der Fee Lakrimosa / Afterling)
Julia Stemberger (Die Zufriedenheit)
Theresa Dax (Jugend)
Wolfgang Hübsch (Das hohe Alter)
Martin Niedermair (Der Neid)
Dominic Oley (Der Hass)
Ljubiša Lupo Grujčić (Tophan, Kammerdiener des Hasses / Musensohn)
Oliver Rosskopf (Nigowitz, ein dienstbarer Geist des Hasses / Schmeichelfeld)
Michael Dangl (Fortunatus Wurzel, ehmals Waldbauer, jetzt Millionär)
Lisa-Carolin Nemec (Lottchen, seine Ziehtochter)
Johannes Seilern (Lorenz, ehmals Kuhhirte bei Wurzel, jetzt sein erster Kammerdiener)
Paul Matic (Habakuk, Bedienter)
Tobias Reinthaller (Karl Schilf, ein armer Fischer)
Marina Margaritta Colda, Inés Vogt, Tamim Fattal, Christian Peter Kotsis, Lukas Müller (Geister der Nacht)

Ruth Müller (1. Violine), Marina Schlieber (2. Violine), Ingrid Eder (Akkordeon), Günter Schagerl (Violoncello), Wolfgang Trojan (Klarinette), Belush Korenyi/Jürgen Goriup (Klavier)

Previewing my Exhibition TIME COLLAPSING with Andreas H. Bitesnich

I feel lucky and honored. Excited. My first solo exhibition in Vienna. And I had the best man for the opening speech. Thank you so much for doing this for me, Andreas! Opening night was a big success and I’m a little late posting. Story of my life ;-) But still…here we go…
Previewing my exhibition TIME COLLAPSING at Bildraum 01 gallery in Vienna with Andreas H. Bitesnich <3

Andreas H. Bitesnich and me

Andreas H. Bitesnich and me

exhibition dates: 19 September 2018 - 12 October 2018
Bildraum 01 gallery: Strauchgasse 2, 1010 Vienna
opening hours: Tue-Fr1: 1-6 pm

Exhibition TIME COLLAPSING at Bildraum 01 gallery in Vienna

I’m happy to announce my upcoming solo-exhibition TIME COLLAPSING at Bildraum 01 gallery in Vienna! This exhibition will showcase a selection of my works TIME COLLAPSING, LINES BLURRING & TRUTH DAWNING

>> Opening on Tuesday, 18 September, 7 pm <<
Hope to see you there!

BILDRAUM 01 gallery
Strauchgasse 2
1010 Vienna

exhibition dates: 19 September - 12 October


"Die Reise der Verlorenen" at Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna

Still impressed by this play, I've to admit. One of my favorite plays ever. Definitely a #mustsee - not only a historic but also a highly current topic..

"Die Reise der Verlorenen" by Daniel Kehlmann at Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna.
Directed by: Janusz Kica
PREMIERE: 06.09.2018

Raphael von Bargen, Herbert Föttinger, Nikolaus Barton, Ulrich Reinthaller, Sandra Cervik, Roman Schmelzer, Marcus Bluhm, Maria Köstlinger, Matthias Franz Stein, Therese Lohner, Peter Scholz, Livia Ernst / Leonie Qualtinger, Ilia Hollweg / Lilly Krainz, Katharina Hope Kemp / Lara Nguyen, Marika Lichter, Joseph Lorenz, Gerhard Kasal, Igor Karbus, Paul Matic, Oliver Rosskopf, Michael Dangl, Wojo van Brouwer, Martin Zauner, Ljubiša Lupo Grujčić, Alexander Absenger, Martin Niedermair, Claudius von Stolzmann, Patrick Seletzky, Alexander Strömer, Michael Schönborn, Lukas Spisser, Tamim Fattal

"Lazarus" at Volkstheater in Vienna

Musical by my personal hero David Bowie and Enda Walsh
after the novel The Men Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis
directed by Miloš Lolić
German by Peter Torberg
PREMIERE 09 May 2018 at Volkstheater in Vienna

Look up here, I'm in heaven, I've got scars that can't be seen.


with Gábor Biedermann (Ben), Günter Franzmeier (Newton), Rainer Galke (Michael), Anja Herden (Teenage Girl 3), Evi Kehrstephan (Teenage Girl 2, Maemi), Katharina Klar (Girl), Isabella Knöll (Elli), Kaspar Locher (Zach), Christoph Rothenbuchner (Valentine), Claudia Sabitzer (Japanese Girl), Maria Stippich (Teenage Girl 1), Bernhard Neumaier, Helmut Stippich, Christian Neuschmid, Patrick Zambonin, Andreas Lettner, Manfred Franzmeier, Miki Liebermann, Ryan Thomas Carpenter (musicians)

Diversity Ball 2018 - Your time is now!

5 May 2018 - a night to remember. On this special night over 2.000 people in Vienna celebrated the world as it should be. Colourful and barrier-free! It was a night full of verve and respect for human diversity.
This year's motto was "Your time is now”. The entire Kursalon became a time machine, which guided the guests from the 20ies until now.

"Terror" at Kammerspiele Vienna

"Terror" by Ferdinand von Schirach
directed by Julian Pölsler

Fighter pilot, Major Lara Koch, has shot down a plane that has been hijacked by a terrorist. The plane is heading for a stadium of 70,000 people. Koch’s pragmatic decision – one in which she breaks constitutional law – is to end the lives of 164 people on the plane rather than allow the terrorist to slaughter a far greater number. At the end, the audience must vote: guilty or not guilty.
The cast is exceptional chosen - all characters are placed by women.

Definitely a must see!